Video as Social Media

Before MC 495, I never thought of video platforms such as YouTube as a form of social media. MC 495 has shown me the importance of using video as an efficient social media tool.

While preparing our group project, I realized how video can be used to easily explain what other forms of social media cannot. When I first visited the client’s website, I had no idea of what the client was trying to sell. After watching their YouTube video that they had available on their website, I fully understood what their product was.

Since the beginning of MC 495, I have watched more YouTube videos than I have ever before in my life. It has became another form of social media addiction. I use it for many different reasons. I will use it to watch information videos, videos for a laugh, and of course to watch music videos or hear new songs.

5 ways to make video a social experience:

1. Post videos to your Facebook profile.

2. Be active on YouTube.

3. Join live-streaming sites.

4. Use the video functions on social aggregators.

5. Shoot your own video blog.

For more information, check out the following article from the Social Media Examiner:

After MC 495 and our group video project, I will be looking for more ways to incorporate video into my use of social media use and will be looking at ways to incorporate video into any social media plans that I create.

Have you always associated video platforms such as YouTube as a social media platform? Will you begin to incorporate video use in your social media use?


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